Friday, December 17, 2004

Empire Wars Chronicles

- Empire Wars Chronicles are a journal of my experiences in playtesting and developing Empire Wars, my board game of strategic space conquest. You can read previous entries at VirtualDave here. You may want to also read the game background.

Space Amoebas will likely become Hyperspace Amoebas, and coloured pipe cleaners look to be the way ahead.

We played a 3-player intro game tonight. Ewan is someone who has played before (but I haven't seen him in several weeks) and Al was the newcomer. Things were slow to introduce a new player, and we played without any terrain or optional rules. While the game itself wasn't terribly exciting, both players are interested in playing a longer game in a non-Drexoll setting.

Getting a full-length game is the next step which I hope to play before Christmas in the mess. Failing that, after Christmas, and failing that, early in the new year. I'm pretty sure I can get 6 players out, and I can sit out and mentor.

I've found the game concept of "safe passage" to be ambiguous but I think I know how I'm going to tighten it up.


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