Monday, December 27, 2004

Empire Wars Chronicles

We played in the mess tonight, but I had 2 flake-outs so it was just Al and I. The game still plays pretty good with 2. My tweaked-out safe passage rules didn't get tested, and it became obvious tonight that the procedures for taking over a system need to be revised and expanded. Do shipyards become property of the conquering player? Do ships under construction? I have some thinking to do.

We had a couple of sharp battles that gave Al a much better sense of the system, and the relatively new "guaranteed effect formula" got a workout.

As did my new iTrip that I picked up before the game! It's an iPod accessory that transmits the iPod to FM stereo, so we had good music while we played. I'm going to make a lot of use of it in the next few days as I'll be on the road for about 8 hours a day.


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