Saturday, January 15, 2005

Empire Wars Chronicles

7 February at Drexoll I played a two player game of EW with Matt, back from holidays. Not much to note.

14 February at Drexoll I spent most of the night with Pierre, but playing his game which is an innovative global battle between two hemispherical superpowers fighting on land and in space. Supremacy meets Stratego, kinda. We spent some time talking about my game and brainstorming some ideas. Pierre is further along with his game than I am with mine, and is looking at publishing soon.

Darcy suggested that I get a table at Weathertop and I'm thinking about it but I'm at the cusp of being ready for such an event.

Tonight in the mess I spent a couple hours with my friend Chris who is one of the original players from a few years ago. We talked through the game to refresh him and bring him up to date and we'll probably sit down and play tomorrow with a few mutual friends that I haven't seen for awhile. Chris was very encouraging (thanks Chris!) and I hope he can find the time to play and support Empire Wars.


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