Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Empire Wars Chronicles

I'm writing this in exile from Wainwright, Alberta, where I'm working for the summer for the army. The pay is good and I've got plenty of time to think and hopefully play EW with other victims.

I finished the navigation assistants I mentioned in the last post, and more importantly, I sold my first copy! Ziggy from Drexoll is the first owner of the rare "1st Edition" Empire Wars. And what a bargain. I sold it to him for the cost of materials plus $1. This came out to $37.50. I'm a long way from profit, but somebody gave me money for something I made with my mind and hands.

I did a substantial cosmetic revision to my Empire Assistant excel program, which I'll post some pics of when I figure out how to upload to my ISP out here. It's much more user-friendly now.