Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Empire Wars Blog

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Empire Wars Chronicles

Since my last post I have been very busy with work, but I have managed to do some work on Empire Wars. First I polished up the tutorial and rules for the revised game, and bundled it in a nice little presentation format, which I'm getting people to read and comment on. Second, the new combat system has led to a prettier version of the Damage Assessment Form which relies on colour-coded customized dice and little coloured wooden block, both of which I have been painting. It's Arts and Crafts! The torture never stops. But now the paint is dry and I'm itching to try them out.

In religious news, I found the Holy Grail in the Kamloops Staples. Yes, purple dry erase pens. The long search is over. As an extra bonus, the packs came with a fetching orange. Bic makes them. No more green vs. a different green!

I just wish I had time to play! I'll be making a point of that soon.