Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Empire Wars Chronicles

I've got just under 4 weeks left in purgatory. While I've interested a few people in the game most seem more interested in the fact that I have created it than in actually playing the game itself. I haven't quite given up on getting a couple games before the end of the summer but it's been a bit disappointing. I never did figure out how to upload to my ISP so that will wait until my return to Vancouver.

Over the last couple of days I have produced a tutorial which will hopefully make the game a lot more approachable. It's illustrated with colour diagrams and photographs. It should be sufficient to introduce people to the game without my direct assistance and shows how to move units around in a way that the detailed turn order document never did.

So what I am looking for is people to take a couple minutes out of their day and try out the tutorial and give me feedback. If you are interested in actually playing, so much the better. What I want to know is if with the materials provided, does the game make sense to you? What, if anything, is unclear?

If you do actually want to play you'll need a whiteboard or a laminated white surface, as well as some dry erase markers and a few other minor items.

Send me a message if you are interested in helping me out and I'll send you the files including the Empire Assistant. All I ask is that you don't forward the files or copies of the material to anyone. If someone is interested, direct them to contact me. If you are in Vancouver we can get in touch and I can set up a game or get you materials (like system reports, etc.). And if you're not from Vancouver I can send stuff to you and can give support online.

For the indefinite time being Empire Wars will be free for testing purposes. If you find you are still playing it months from now we can work something out for payment (very reasonable rates at this early stage of development). Also for the time being the forms and such are at cost. The copy I sold Ziggy was under $40.

The tutorial is in Word format and is best viewed printed in colour. If you don't have a colour printer then I would recommend reading it on your computer. The tutorial can stand alone as an intro but is best as a companion to the other documentation.

Send me a message at gmonforton hotmail.com if interested.