Saturday, January 22, 2005

Empire Wars Chronicles

I finally had the opportunity to show off EW to Drexoll owner Darcy and he appeared to easily grasp the game. We started late and only played one round but it did have a rousing battle and the major concepts got shown off. I used the Empire Assistant for all my empire management and it worked quite well. Excel has some quirky behaviour but despite a nice-to-have line getting erased on the Damage Assessment Form (my fault) Darcy managed to successfully assign his combat factors against my fleet.
Before EW we played a 4 player game of Camelot Legends. It was a quite enjoyable card game with beautiful art. It got a little complex and hard to follow when there were many characters and events in play. I really liked that the first knight character I put into play was essentially an abductor of women who hung out in the Perilous Forest. Unfortunately he was vanquished before he got to use his special ability! There were also a number of interesting interactions between knight characters and lady characters. I ended up winning, just barely.


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